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Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages)

The Kentucky Business Directory connects people with local Louisville Kentucky Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages) businesses - small and large. In Louisville there are local businesses ready to meet your shopping needs - both for products and services.

These Louisville, KY Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages) businesses can help you find the goods and services you are searching for.

The SIC code for these Louisville local businesses is: 5813.

Louisville, Kentucky - Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages) Businesses
13 Th Hole
2 Lounge
208 East
3rd Turn Brewing
Aaf, Limited Liability Company
Abe Limited Liability Company
Acr Enterprises, Incorporated
After Dark
Air Devils Inn Incorporated
Akasha Brewing Company
Al-Dai Incorporated
All Star Bar And Grill Limited Liability Company
Angelos Sports Bar And Grill, Incorporated
Apollo Comedy Club, Limited Liability Company
Aubreys Tavern, Incorporated
Audio Warehouse Disco, Incorporated
B B C Beer Company Tap Room
B J S Tavern, Incorporated
Bambar, Incorporated
Bambi Bar
Bank Shot Billiards Incorporated
Bar 6 Limited Liability Company
Bar Bami
Bar None Louisville Limited Liability Company
Barleys Bar And Grill
Beef O Bradys Family Sports Pub
Beef Obradys Family Sports Pub
Beef Obradys Family Sports Pubs
Berry Clark Company Limited Liability Company
Bfj Tavern Incorporated Incorporated
Bielefeld Incorporated
Big Al's Beeritaville, Limited Liability Company
Big Bar
Big Shots Bar And Grill
Billys Place
Bjs Entertainment, Incorporated
Bjs Sports Pub, Limited Liability Company
Blue Castle Tavern, Incorporated
Bold Incorporated
Bone Headz
Bone Headz Pub
Bonez Lounge Limited Liability Company
Bootsies Lounge Limited Liability Company
Bourbon And Velvet Limited Liability Company
Brasserie Provence
Brewskees Sports
Brix Wine Bar
Brix Wine Bar, Limited Liability Company
Brutis, Incorporated
Buds Tavern, Incorporated
Bull Durhams Tavern, Incorporated
Bumpers, Incorporated
C And D Tavern, Incorporated
C K Liquors Corporation
Capones, Incorporated
Cards And Cats Tavern, Incorporated
Carol Sadler
Cbd&t, Incorporated
Chand Corporation
Charlies Pub
Charlies Tavern
Checks Place
Chi Wa Wa Mexican Bar And Grill Limited Liability Company
Chris Place
Clarks River Brewing Company, Limited Liability Company
Classy Lady Incorporated
Clay Street Liquors, Incorporated
Cloverleaf Tavern And Liquors, Incorporated
Club Azucar
Coach Lamp Lounge
Coach Lamp Rest And Pub Limited Liability Company
Coachs Corner Limited Liability Company
Coconut Beach Tacos And Cerveza, Limited Liability Company
Coconut Beach, Limited Liability Company
Comedy Limited Liability Company
County Line Tavern, Incorporated
Coyotes I
Crazy Coconuts Incorporated
Crows Nest Tavern, Incorporated
Cru, Incorporated
Cured Limited Liability Company
D 20 Tavern And Trade Limited Liability Company
D And A Tavern, Incorporated
D And M Corner Tavern, Incorporated
D E N, Incorporated
D M B, Incorporated
Damoa, Limited Liability Company
Deddens Highland Fling, Incorporated
Dee And Sues Hill Street Tavern, Incorporated
Deep Low Gap Incorporated
Deputy Dawgs Tavern, Incorporated
Disco Aliens Limited Liability Company
Disco Partners, Limited Liability Company
Dixie Bowl
Doll House
Donnies Tavern, Incorporated
Double B Tavern, Limited
Downtown Sports Limited Liability Company
Drury Hotels Company Limited Liability Company
Ds Powers, Incorporated
Duffys Tavern, Incorporated
Dutchs Tavern, Incorporated
E And B Enterprises, Incorporated
Ed Litseys Duffys Tavern, Incorporated
Ejr Tavern And Deli, Incorporated
Ejs, Incorporated
El Noa Noa Incorporated
El Tenampa Bar And Grill Incorporated
Elrods Tavern Incorporated
Entertainment Concepts, Incorporated
Epec Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Executive Strike And Spare
F D And E, Incorporated
Fairground Liquors
Fat Jimmys Four Limited Liability Company
Fern Bowl, Incorporated
Fibber Mcgees Tavern, Incorporated
Fine Dine Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Flahertys Tavern, Incorporated
For The People Limited Liability Company
Fosters Billiards Incorporated
Four Pegs Limited Liability Company
Four-W Tavern, Incorporated
Foxy Lady
Foxy, Incorporated
Freddies Bar And Lounge
Free Fall, Incorporated
Frozen Delights Incorporated
Gaslite Tavern, Incorporated
Gaslite Tavern, Limited Liability Company
Genes Tavern Company, Incorporated
George A Demling
George's Juice Lounge, Limited Liability Company
Georges Tavern, Incorporated
Gerstle's Place
Gilberts Corner
Godfather Ii
Golden Nugget
Gonz, Incorporated
Good Dog Brewing Company Limited Liability Company
Good Times Pub
Good Times Tobacco
Great Flood Brewing Company
Great Flood Brewing Company Limited Liability Company
Green Light Bar
Green Tree Limited Liability Company
Gridiron Properties, Limited Liability Company
Grisanti, Incorporated
Ground Zero, Incorporated
H M S Enterprises, Incorporated
Haymarket Whiskey Bar
Hd Investments Of La Limited Liability Company
Headliners Music Hall
Heartwood Tavern, Incorporated
Hi Enterprises
Hideaway Bar
Hideway Saloon Incorporated
Highlands Business Incorporated
Hikes Point Bar And Cocktail Lounge, Incorporated
Hitchhiker, Incorporated
Hitching Post Inn Athletic Club, Incorporated
Hole In The Wall
Hole In The Wall Incorporated
Hollywood Limited Company
Hoops Basketball Academy, Limited Liability Company
Hoops Grill Sports Bar
Hop Ming, Limited Liability Company
Howl At The Moon Incorporated
Howl At The Moon-Louisville
Hurricane O'Malley's
I K O Incorporated
Illusions, Incorporated
Intermezzo Cafe And Cabaret
Irish Pub, Incorporated
Izzys Tavern, Incorporated
J A J, Incorporated
J And H Sportsman Club, Incorporated
J And Mkp Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
J And S Corner Tavern, Incorporated
J C J, Incorporated
J L F Enterprises Incorporated
J L H Corporation
J R S Place, Incorporated
J Ts Variety C
Jack Fry's
Jarviss Tavern
Java Brewing Company
Jazz Factory
Jbs Pub
Jdg Limited Liability Company
Jeffersontown Moose Lodge 2127
Jenniev Bar And Grill, Limited Liability Company
Jerry Green Friends
Jhm, Incorporated
Jillians Entertainment Corporation
Jim Porter's Good Time
Jobar, Incorporated
Joes Older Than Dirt, Limited Liability Company
Joes Oldest Than Dirt
Joes Palm Room
Joes Place, Incorporated
John Obryans Tavern, Incorporated
Johns Country Tavern, Incorporated
Jokers Tavern
Jrs Quikmart
Jump In Limited Liability Company
Kang, Incorporated
Karban Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Kenneth R Blanton
Kentucky Chucks Tavern Incorporated
Kerns Korner
Keswick Democratic Club
Kingpin Limited Liability Company
Kinktons Duffys Tavern, Incorporated
Krazy Dave's, Incorporated
Kuhls Tavern Incorporated
L F Lounge, Limited Liability Company
L K K Incorporated
Last Shot Limited Liability Company
Left Field Lounge, Incorporated
Lemon Tree Lounge, Incorporated
Lennys, Incorporated
Life Bar Limited Partnership Life Bar
Lisa Dolson
Ll And W, Incorporated
Locker Room Bar And Grill
Looneys Tavern Incorporated
Louisville Contemporary Art Lounge, Limited Liability Company
Louisville Disco Ball Yall, Incorporated
Louisville Elks Home, Limited Liability Company
Louisville Mega Cavern, Limited Liability Company
Louisville Tavern On 4 Th, Limited Liability Company
Louisville Tavern Operators Association, Incorporated
Lucky Tavern, Incorporated
Lyndon Enterprise Limited Liability Company
Magnolia Bar Grill
Mahooks Tavern, Limited Liability Company
Maiers Tavern, Limited Liability Company
Main Street Lounge, Incorporated
Make It Rain Incorporated
Market Bistro, Limited Liability Company
Martins Tavern
Martins Tavern Incorporated
Mazzonis Tavern, Incorporated
Me Gusta Latin Ktichen And Bar
Megan Duke
Miller Catherine
Miss Kittys, Incorporated
Molly Malone's Irish Pub And Restaurant
Montanus, Incorporated
More Shenanigans
Mr Bills Tavern Incorporated
Mr Gs Sports Bar
Murphy Lane Tavern, Incorporated
Muse Brewing Company Limited Liability Company
Mzm Limited Liability Company
Ncs, Incorporated
Nessun Dorma, Limited Liability Company
New Generation Entertainment, Limited Liability Company
New Gold, Incorporated
New Years Eve Incorporated
Niki, Incorporated
Nowhere Louisville
O'Kelly's Irish Pub And Grill, Incorporated
O'Palermo Limited Liability Company
Oconnells Irish Pub
Old Hickory Inn, Incorporated
Old Third Street, Limited Liability Company
Olde Phoenix Hill Tavern And Package Liquors, Incorporated
Oliver Twists Tavern
Oscars, Incorporated
Outlook Inn, Incorporated
P T Show Club Incorporated
Paddock, Incorporated
Patrick Osheas
Patrick T Francis
Patricks Bar, Incorporated
Pbr Louisville
Peaceful Waters, Incorporated
Peppermint Lounge, Incorporated
Phyllis Rogers, Incorporated
Pinky Incorporated
Po B
Pockets Billd And Spt Bar Incorporated
Pockets Billiards And Sports Bar, Incorporated
Post Time Lounge
Primp Style Lounge
Pro Bowl, Incorporated
Professional Limited Liability Company B Enterprises, Incorporated
Project 942 Baxter Limited Liability Company
Puckers On Preston
Quail Chase Golf Club
R And Lds, Incorporated
Rack And Roll Grill And Bar
Raffertys Incorporated
Ralph E Rand Corporation
Razzles, Incorporated
Rbs 1 Incorporated
Red Door Lounge
Red Lantern Shop
Rib Tavern Express, Incorporated
Richard F Keene, Incorporated
River City Drafthouse
River City Sports Arena Limited Liability Company
Rivergirls Lounge
Road To Nowhere Limited Liability Company
Roadhouse Of Longmont, Limited Liability Company
Robert L Husband
Rocky Top Corporation
Roundball, Incorporated
Rowdys, Incorporated
Rst Enterprises, Incorporated
S And S Entertainment, Incorporated
Saint Andrews Liquors
Saint Martins Brotherhood
Sams Place, Incorporated
Sari Sari
Saz Enterprises, Incorporated
Scb Entertainment Limited Liability Company
Scores, Limited Liability Company
Sdnb Corporation Incorporated
Sergios World Beers
Shady Lane Corporation
Shady Lawn Tavern, Incorporated
Shiao Woo Incorporated
Shipp's Tavern, Incorporated
Shoulder And Elbow Center
Side Pocket Pub, Incorporated
Silver Dollar Bar And Lounge
Skyn Lounge
Skyn Lounge, Limited Liability Company
Slicks Tavern
Smittys Blue Moon Saloon, Limited Liability Company
Smyrna, Incorporated
Soft Rock, Incorporated
Someplace Else Tavern, Incorporated
Sonny And Company, Incorporated
Sonya Ruth, Incorporated
Southside Lounge, Incorporated
Spectators, Limited Liability Company
Springhurst Sharks Swim Team, Incorporated
Stanley Entertainment Limited Liability Company
Steed Enterprises, Incorporated
Stefanos, Incorporated
Steve's Bar And Grill, Incorporated
Stevie Rays Blues Bar
Stevie Rays Incorporated
Stonebridge Tavern, Incorporated
Sugar And Spice, Incorporated
Sunset Bar, Limited Liability Company
Sunset East Tavern
Sunset East Tavern, Incorporated
Svm, Incorporated
T K's Pub
Tailgaters Sports Bar And Grill
Tavern On The Tee, Incorporated
Tcm Sales Corporation
Tewligans Tavern
Texas Steakhouse And Saloon
Tgnt, Incorporated
Thcsjb, Limited Liability Company
The Back Door
The Bard's Town Theatre, Incorporated
The Company 4-O-Kee Saloon
The Corner Tavern Incorporated
The Garage Tavern, Incorporated
The Godfather
The Golden Nugget
The Locker Room Sports Bar, Limited Liability Company
The New Sunset East Tavern, Incorporated
The New Vintage
The Office, Limited Liability Company
The Outer Limits
The Swamp, Limited Liability Company
The Tavern Club, Incorporated
The Tavern, Incorporated
The Village Anchor Pub & Roost
The Ville
Tino Enterprises Incorporated
Tinsleys Central Bar And Lounge
Tkh, Incorporated
Tks Pub Incorporated
Tkt Incorporated
Tom And Jim Limited Liability Company
Tootss Taverns, Incorporated
Tr Operations Of Gainesville, Ga, Limited Liability Company
Triple Crown Bar And Grill, Limited Liability Company
Trixies Gold Club Incorporated
Trixies Vip
Tryangles, Incorporated
Union Station Night Club
Varanese Properties, Limited Liability Company
Waterworks Saloon, Incorporated
Western Lanes, Incorporated
White Collar Stag Bar And Lounge
Wild Horse Saloon
Willow Lake Tavern, Incorporated
Win, Place And Show Bar, Incorporated
Windy City Lounge
Winner Circle Tavern, Incorporated
Wjp, Incorporated
Wright Place
Wright, Incorporated
Wyandotte Tavern, Limited Liability Company
Zanzibar, Incorporated
Zen Den, Limited Liability Company

What Is The Description For Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages) Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic drinks, such as beer, ale, wine, and liquor, for consumption on the premises. The sale of food frequently accounts for a substantial portion of the receipts of these establishments.

  • Bars (alcoholic beverage drinking places)
  • Beer gardens (drinking places)
  • Beer parlors (tap rooms)
  • Beer taverns
  • Beer, wine, and liquors: sale for on-premise consumption
  • Bottle clubs (drinking places)
  • Cabarets
  • Cocktail lounges
  • Discotheques, alcoholic beverage
  • Drinking places, alcoholic beverages
  • Night clubs
  • Saloons (drinking places)
  • Tap rooms (drinking places)
  • Taverns (drinking places)
  • Wine bars