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The Kentucky Business Directory connects people with local Lexington Kentucky Miscellaneous Publishing businesses - small and large. In Lexington there are local businesses ready to meet your shopping needs - both for products and services.

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The SIC code for these Lexington local businesses is: 2741.

Lexington, Kentucky - Miscellaneous Publishing Businesses
1 Stlady Publishing Limited Liability Company
3632 Music Publishing Limited Company
Accents Publishing Limited Liability Company
Acceptable Stone Publishing, Incorporated
Allen Brothers Publishing, Limited Liability Company
American Publishing Company
Apex Publications
Apex Publications, Limited Liability Company
Athlegacy Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Avant Garde Design And Publishing, Incorporated
B And C Publishing, Incorporated
Backwards Publications Limited Liability Company
Barlow Ridge Publishing, Incorporated
Blackwave Digital Publishing Limited Liability Company
Blue Grape Press, Limited Liability Company
Blue Grass Marketing Company
Blue Grass Publishing Company
Bluegrass Pot And Mc
Bluegrass Publishing Company, Incorporated
Bluegrass Publishing, Incorporated
Boone Creek Publishing Company
Bourbon And Cheese Publishing Incorporated
Brannon And Baker Publishing, Incorporated
Building Histories
C M Publishing Partnership
Capital Concepts, Incorporated
Cassidy Publishing, Incorporated
Catmint Publishing
Cerebella Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Cfl Music Publishing Company, Incorporated
Charismatic Media
Clark Group
Clark Publishing And Communications
Cracked Seed Publishing Limited Liability Company
Cre 8 Iv Com Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Cricket Press Limited Liability Company
Cumex Publishing, Incorporated
Desktop Solutions, Incorporated
Electron Farm Publications, Limited Liability Company
Frenzy Publishing Limited Liability Company
Fusion Corporation Design Media House
Gayle-Howard Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Gladiator Publishing, Incorporated
Gracie Mae Publications
Graystone Publishing Group, Incorporated
Hammond Communications Group
Hidden Still Publishing Company
Hillenmeyer Publishing, Incorporated
Home Run Publishing, Incorporated
Icecap Music Publishing Company
Ientry Incorporated
Insight Unlimited Thru New Educational Horizons Publishers, Incorporated
International Association Of Lions Clubs
International Publishing And Distributing Company, Incorporated
Jacobs Publishing Company
Jjbfb Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Jonesey Express Incorporated
K R G T Music And Publishing Company, Incorporated
Knight Life Publishing Company
Krgt Music And Publishing Company Incorporated
Kyra Fox Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Lafayette Galleries Publishers, Limited
Lecenky Publishing, Incorporated
Lexington Apartment Guide
Lexington House Incorporated
Lexington Publishers, Incorporated
Lexington Publishing Company, Incorporated
Lexington Section
Lexington-Fayette County Historical Commission Publishing Corporation
Lexscape Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Lilida Press, Incorporated
Local Joint Publishing, Incorporated
Lucky Little Dog Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Lullaby Tiger Publishing Limited Liability Company
Mares Tail Publishing
Market Concepts Publishing, Incorporated
Mcd Publishing, Incorporated
Mentelle Park Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Mountain Eagle Publishing, Incorporated
Multi Media Publishing, Incorporated
National Council Of The United States Society Of St Vincent Depau
National Organization Of Mothers Of Twins Clubs Incorporated
National Tours And Charter Services, Incorporated
Nationwide Publishing And Distribution Company
Nick Mcclure Photography, Limited Liability Company
Osote Publishing Limited Liability Company
Petroleum Publishing Group
Petroleum Publishing Group, Incorporated
Pf Publications, Limited Liability Company
Phoenix Press, Incorporated
Pinpoint Publishing Company Limited
Pioneer Publishing
Power Praise Publishing Company
Productive Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Providence Place, Incorporated
Publishers Network, Incorporated
Publishing Nation, Incorporated
Push Push Press Limited Liability Company
R And C Publishing Limited Liability Company
Rdb Publishing Company
Redroom Business Publishing Limited Liability Company
Remember When, Incorporated
River Birch Publishing Limited Liability Company
Rmg Enterprises, Incorporated
Shadelandhouse Modern Press, Limited Liability Company
Sitespace, Limited Liability Company
Spotlight Publicity Limited Liability Company
St Elizabeth Ann Seton Conference
Teletext Publishing, Incorporated
Tentmakers Publishing Group, Incorporated
Thoroughbred Chapter
Thoroughbred Publishers, Incorporated
Tipaloo Publishing Limited Liability Company
Trans-X-Press, Incorporated
Triumph Publishing, Limited Liability Company
Tv Talk Publishing, Incorporated
US Achievement Academy
Universal Directories, Limited
Universal Publishing, Incorporated
Watkins Music, Limited Liability Company
Weston And Wright Publishing Company
Weston And Wright Publishing Limited Liability Company
Wrigley Media Group
Yp Southeast Advg And Pubg Limited Liability Company
Zipie, Limited Liability Company

What Is The Description For Miscellaneous Publishing Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in miscellaneous publishing activities, not elsewhere classified, whether or not engaged in printing. Establishments primarily engaged in offering financial, credit, or other business services, and which may publish directories as part of this service, are classified in Division I, Services.

  • Atlases: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Business service newsletters: publishing and printing, or publishing
  • Calendars: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Catalogs: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Directories: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Globe covers (maps): publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Guides: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Maps: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Micropublishing
  • Multimedia educational kits: publishing and printing, or publishing
  • Music, sheet: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Patterns, paper, including clothing patterns: publishing and printing,
  • Race track programs: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Racing forms: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Shopping news: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Technical manuals and papers: publishing and printing, or publishing
  • Telephone directories: publishing and printing, or publishing only
  • Yearbooks: publishing and printing, or publishing only