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Perkins Meat Processing
Perkins Meat Processing, Limited Liability Company

What Is The Description For Meat Packing Plants Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in the slaughtering, for their own account or on a contract basis for the trade, of cattle, hogs, sheep, lambs, and calves for meat to be sold or to be used on the same premises in canning, cooking, curing, and freezing, and in making sausage, lard, and other products. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering horses for human consumption. Establishments primarily engaged in slaughtering, dressing, and packing poultry, rabbits, and other small game are classified in Industry 2015; and those primarily engaged in slaughtering and processing animals not for human consumption are classified in Industry 2048. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sausages and meat specialties from purchased meats are classified in Industry 2013; and establishments primarily engaged in canning meat for baby food are classified in Industry 2032.

  • Bacon, slab and sliced-mitse
  • Beef-mitse
  • Blood meal
  • Boxed beef-mitse
  • Canned meats, except baby foods and animal feeds-mitse
  • Corned beef-mitse
  • Cured meats-mitse
  • Dried meats-mitse
  • Frankfurters, except poultry-mitse
  • Hams, except poultry-mitse
  • Hides and skins, cured or uncured
  • Horsemeat for human consumption-mitse
  • LambÄmitse
  • Lard-mitse
  • Luncheon meat, except poultry-mitse
  • Meat extracts-mitse
  • Meat packing plants
  • Meat-mitse
  • Mutton-mitse
  • Pork-mitse
  • Sausages-mitse
  • Slaughtering plants: except animals not for human consumption
  • Variety meats edible organs-mitse
  • Veal-mitse