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Business Type In Pine Knot SIC Code
Field Crops, Except Cash Grains, Not Elsewhere Classified 0139
General Farms, Primarily Crop 0191
Animal Specialty Services, Except Veterinary 0752
Forestry Services 0851
General Contractors-Industrial Buildings and Warehouses 1541
Heavy Construction, Not Elsewhere Classified 1629
Electrical Work 1731
Excavation Work 1794
Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified 1799
Meat Packing Plants 2011
Canvas and Related Products 2394
Logging 2411
Construction Machinery and Equipment 3531
Local Passenger Transportation, Not Elsewhere Classified 4119
Local Trucking Without Storage 4212
Trucking, Except Local 4213
Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services 4581
Arrangement of Transportation of Freight and Cargo 4731
Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 4789
Radiotelephone Communications 4812
Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles 5012
Motor Vehicle Parts, Used 5015
Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panels 5031
Scrap and Waste Materials 5093
Petroleum and Petroleum Products Wholesalers, Except Bulk Stations and Terminals 5172
Farm Supplies 5191
Lumber and Other Building Materials Dealers 5211
Variety Stores 5331
Grocery Stores 5411
Motor Vehicle Dealers (New and Used) 5511
Motor Vehicle Dealers (Used Only) 5521
Gasoline Service Stations 5541
Shoe Stores 5661
Furniture Stores 5712
Eating Places 5812
Sporting Goods Stores and Bicycle Shops 5941
Direct Selling Establishments 5963
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Bottled Gas) Dealers 5984
Operators of Apartment Buildings 6513
Real Estate Agents and Managers 6531
Beauty Shops 7231
Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified 7359
Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 7389
General Automotive Repair Shops 7538
Automotive Services, Except Repair and Carwashes 7549
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Service and Repair Shops 7623
Offices and Clinics of Doctors of Medicine 8011
Offices and Clinics of Dentists 8021
Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified 8049
Skilled Nursing Care Facilities 8051
Intermediate Care Facilities 8052
Elementary and Secondary Schools 8211
Individual and Family Social Services 8322
Job Training and Vocational Rehabilitation Services 8331
Child Day Care Services 8351
Religious Organizations 8661
Correctional Institutions 9223
Fire Protection 9224
Administration of Housing Programs 9531
Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 9999