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The SIC code for these Salyersville local businesses is: 8661.

Salyersville, Kentucky - Religious Organizations Businesses
Bethlehem To Calvary Apostolic
Big Lick Church Of God
Bradley Freewill Baptist Ch
Brushy Fork Baptist Church
Burgett Community Church Of Salyersville, Incorporated
Calvary Baptist Church
Church Of God-Fritz
Coon Creek Regular Prmitive Baptist Church Incorporated
Cow Creek Church Of God, Incorporated
Elk Creek Freewill Baptist Church, Incorporated
Faith Of Open Door Pentecostal Church Of God, Incorporated
Half Mountain United Baptist Church, Incorporated
Hendricks Bethel Bible Church Incorporated
Hope In The Cross Cmnty Chr
Hope In The Cross Community Church, Incorporated
Lake Front Church Of God
Lake Front Church Of God, Incorporated
Lakeville Baptist Church
Licking River Baptist Church
Living Word Chapel Incorporated
New Bethel Assembly Of God, Incorporated
New Generation Worship Center
New Life Worship Center
Prater Mem Untd Methdst Ch Incorporated
Salyersville Calvary Faith Church, Incorporated
Salyersville Church Of Christ
Salyersville Mount Sinai Church Of God, Incorporated
Salyersvlle Mt Snai Ch God Incorporated
St Luke Church
Temple Victory Incorporated
The Church Of God Of Fritz, Ky
There Is Hope Ministries, Incorporated
Trinity Revival Center Incorporated
United Baptist Church Of Carver, Incorporated
Unity Harvest Baptist Church, Incorporated
Victory Temple, Incorporated

What Is The Description For Religious Organizations Businesses?

Establishments of religious organizations operated for worship, religious training or study, government or administration of an organized religion, or for promotion of religious activities. Other establishments maintained by religious organizations, such as educational institutions, hospitals, publishing houses, reading rooms, social services, and secondhand stores, are classified according to their primary activity. Also included in this industry are religious groups which reach the public through radio or television media. Establishments of such religious groups which produce taped religious programming for television are classified in Industry 7812, and those which produce live religious programs are classified in Industry 7922. Establishments of such groups which operate radio or television stations are classified in Communications, Major Group 48.

  • Churches
  • Convents
  • Monasteries
  • Religious instruction, provided by religious organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Shrines, religious
  • Temples