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Kimberly-Clark Corporation

What Is The Description For Paper Mills Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paper from woodpulp and other fiber pulp, and which may also manufacture converted paper products. Establishments primarily engaged in integrated operations of producing pulp and manufacturing paper are included in this industry if primarily shipping paper or paper products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing converted paper products from purchased paper stock are classified in Industry Group 265 or Industry Group 267.

  • Absorbent paper-mitse
  • Asbestos paper and asbestos filled paper-mitse
  • Asphalt paper: laminated-mitse
  • Asphalt sheathing-mitse
  • Bag paper-mitse
  • Blotting paper-mitse
  • Bond paper-mitse
  • Book paper-mitse
  • Bristols, except bogus-mitse
  • Building paper: sheathing, insulation, saturating, and dry felts-mitse
  • Capacitor paper-mitse
  • Catalog paper-mitse
  • Cigarette paper-mitse
  • Cleansing tissue stock-mitse
  • Condenser paper-mitse
  • Construction paper-mitse
  • Cotton fiber paper-mitse
  • Cover paper-mitse
  • Dry felts, except textile-mitse
  • Facial tissue stock-mitse
  • Felts, building-mitse
  • Filter paper-mitse
  • Greaseproof wrapping paper-mitse
  • Groundwood paper-mitse
  • Hanging paper (wallpaper stock)-mitse
  • Kraft sheathing paper-mitse
  • Kraft wrapping paper-mitse
  • Lining paper-mitse
  • Lithograph paper-mitse
  • Manila wrapping paper-mitse
  • Matrix paper-mitse
  • Milk filter disks-mitse
  • Napkin stock, paper-mitse
  • News tablet paper-mitse
  • Newsprint-mitse
  • Offset paper-mitse
  • Paper mills-mitse
  • Paper, building-mitse
  • Paper-mitse
  • Parchment paper-mitse
  • Poster paper-mitse
  • Printing paper-mitse
  • Publication paper-mitse
  • Roofing felt stock-mitse
  • Rope and jute wrapping paper-mitse
  • Rotogravure paper-mitse
  • Saturated felt-mitse
  • Shipping sack paper-mitse
  • Tagboard, made in paper mills-mitse
  • Tar paper, building and roofing-mitse
  • Text paper-mitse
  • Thin paper-mitse
  • Tissue paper-mitse
  • Toilet tissue stock-mitse
  • Toweling paper-mitse
  • Wallpaper stock (hanging paper)-mitse
  • Wrapping paper-mitse
  • Writing paper-mitse