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What Is The Description For Refuse Systems Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in the collection and disposal of refuse by processing or destruction or in the operation of incinerators, waste treatment plants, landfills, or other sites for disposal of such materials. Establishments primarily engaged in collecting and transporting refuse without such disposal are classified in Transportation, Industry 4212.

  • Acid waste, collection and disposal of
  • Ashes, collection and disposal of
  • Dumps, operation of
  • Garbage: collecting, destroying, and processing
  • Hazardous waste material disposal sites
  • Incinerator operation
  • Landfill, sanitary: operation of
  • Radioactive waste materials, disposal of
  • Refuse systems
  • Rubbish collection and disposal
  • Sludge disposal sites
  • Street refuse systems
  • Waste materials disposal at sea