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T And J Logging, Limited Liability Company

What Is The Description For Logging Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in cutting timber and in producing rough, round, hewn, or riven primary forest or wood raw materials, or in producing wood chips in the field. Independent contractors engaged in estimating or trucking timber, but who perform no cutting operations, are classified in nonmanufacturing industries. Establishments primarily engaged in the collection of bark, sap, gum, and other forest products are classified in Forestry, Major Group 08.

  • Bolts, wood: e.g., handle, heading, shingle, stave
  • Burls, wood
  • Driving timber
  • Fuel wood harvesting
  • Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven
  • Logging contractors
  • Logs
  • Mine timbers, hewn
  • Peeler logs
  • Pickets and paling: round or split
  • Piling, wood: untreated
  • Pole cutting contractors
  • Poles, wood: untreated
  • Posts, wood: hewn, round, or split
  • Pulpwood camps
  • Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting
  • Rails fence: round or split
  • Saw logs
  • Skidding logs
  • Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing
  • Stumps
  • Timber (product of logging camps)
  • Veneer logs
  • Wood chips, produced in the field