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The Kentucky Business Directory connects people with local Morehead Kentucky Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified businesses - small and large. In Morehead there are local businesses ready to meet your shopping needs - both for products and services.

These Morehead, KY Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified businesses can help you find the goods and services you are searching for.

The SIC code for these Morehead local businesses is: 7389.

Morehead, Kentucky - Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified Businesses
4c-Innovations, Limited Liability Company
Adkins Jana
Adkins Larry
Adkins Palmer
Anns Home Creations, Limited Liability Company
Audrey Staton
Autonomy, Limited Liability Company
Banks Stanly
Barhorst Tod And Kelli
Barker Marguerite
Barker Telecom, Limited Liability Company
Ben Jackson
Benjamin Mynhier
Billy Ray Black
Blevins Ruth
Boyd Ida
Brandi Carmichael
Brian S Plank
Brown Darlene
Brown Tana
Brown Virgil
Brumagen David And Janice
Buckner Elizabeth
Busby Robert L
Bushey Clarence A
Butler Donald R
Butler Donnie
C T M Company
Callihan Lorie
Campbellsville Peddlers Mall
Caudill Edward Steven
Chandler Cassandra H
Charmed Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Christopher W Thomas
Clifford Lewis L
Collins John
Conn Paul David
Connie Proudfoot
Creative Enterprises, Incorporated
Cromer Phillip
Curtis Phillip Michael
Data 180, Limited Liability Company
David Burton
David M Kidd
Davis Dennis A
Davis Michael Ray
Db Enterprise Limited Liability Company
Dehart Leo
Dennis Wilson
Design Jar Limited Liability Company
Dig, Limited Liability Company
Douglas Terry
Drl Group, Limited Liability Company
Earlywine Adam E
Eastky Homefinders, Incorporated
Ee Squared, Incorporated
Eldridge Jerry
Eldridge Kathy C
Entre, Limited Liability Company
Esham Mark A
Esham Peggys And Willis Taylor J
Evans Enterprises Limited Liability Company
Evolving Innovations, Incorporated
Exodus Enterprises Incorporated
Fannin Billie
Fannin Michael O
Fifth Dimension Forestry, Limited Liability Company
Fitzpatrick Candace Dawn
Francis Lisa
Frederic Bonin
Frederick Angela
Freedomqwest, Incorporated
Fultz Kenneth
Gardener Charles Micheal
Gary W Kissick Ii
Gilliam Clifton D
Global Medlink, Limited Liability Company
Glover Darrell
Glover Harold
Goodman Maria K
Gould Dr Robert
Green Seth J
Gulley Thomas
Hall Denver
Hall Samuel
Hammack Joseph R
Heath Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Hfr Hosting
Hill Jack
Howard Connie J
Hysell J Howard
Ingram Scott B
J D Bowman Logging, Incorporated
Jackie G Caudill
James Timothy C
James W Calvert
Janice E Stevens
Jays District Incorporated
Jeanies Precious Darlings
Jeff W Stamper
Jet Enterprise Limited Liability Company
Jindal Enterprises Incorporated
John Blackledge
John Gullett
Johnnie D Dehart
Johnny D Markwell
Johnson Brian R
Johnson Larry M
Joshua Trent Custom Designs, Limited Liability Company
Joy Gritton
June Savage Adams
Karen Littleton
Kathy A Adkins
Kegley Bobby G
Kevin B Marcum
Kidd Earl R
Kidd Paul
Kimberly Jo Howard
Kris And Tonya Kennedy
Lawrence T Caudill
Lewis Mark
Littleton Cephas
Logan Rick
Marcum Kevin B
Mark Phillips Limited Liability Company
May Helen Karen
Mayhorn Gilford R
Mays Clyde Jr
Mays William P
Mcbrayer Charles D
Mcclurg Enterprises Group, Limited Liability Company
Mcclurg James Sr
Mckenzie Thelma
Memories R Maid Limited Liability Company
Michael Mancini
Miller Randy
Ming, Incorporated
Moredynamic, Incorporated
Murphy David Ray
Norris Sean Michael
Parkside, Incorporated
Pennington Jason
Planck Joe
Plank Kimberly
Premier Designs Incorporated
Pure Platinum
Queens Enterprise, Incorporated
Ratliff Charles A
Reber Home Inspections, Limited Liability Company
Recreational Dealer Services, Limited Liability Company
Reffitt Michael
Resolve2xl, Incorporated
Ritchie Timothy L
Robert Marsh
Roberts Paul G
Ronnie L Crisp
Sargent Wesley R
Saundra Nathanson
Scented Creations
Sexton David A
Sherry Mays
Sizemore Carl R
Skaggs Brent L
Skaggs Jeffery E
Skaggs Ronald L
Smoot Joseph C
Source Sales Ky Limited Liability Company
Stamper Richard
Stone Rick
Sublett Michael
Tackitt William C
Tameri Hofer Paralegal Incorporated
The Villa Of Morehead, Limited Liability Company
Thompson Dexter Darrel
Three Sisters Decor And Mor
Varsity Grafix, Incorporated
Wagoner Randall D
Walker John
Wallace Frances
Wallace Sherry
Waltzflats Land Concepts Limited Liability Company
Wetland Restoration And Training
Wetland Rstration Training Limited Liability Company
Wetzel Grid Company, Limited Liability Company
White Ii Harold Lee
White Michael Todd
White Tiger Enterprises Limited Liability Company
Winkleman Ricky L
Woods Kevin

What Is The Description For Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing business services, not elsewhere classified, such as bondspersons, drafting services, lecture bureaus, notaries public, sign painting, speakers' bureaus, water softening services, and auctioneering services, on a commission or fee basis. Auctions of used cars and agricultural commodities, such as livestock and produce, are classified in Wholesale Trade.

  • Agents and brokers for authors and nonperforming artist
  • Apparel pressing service for the trade
  • Appraisers, except real estate appraisers
  • Arbitration and conciliation services
  • Artists' agents and brokers, except performing artists
  • Auctioneering service on a commission or fee basis
  • Authors' agents and brokers
  • Automobile recovery service
  • Automobile repossession service
  • Automobile shows, flower shows, and home shows: promoters of
  • Bartering services for businesses
  • Batik work (handprinting on textiles)
  • Bondspersons
  • Bottle exchanges
  • Bronzing baby shoes
  • Business brokers (buying and selling business enterprises)
  • Charge account service (shopping plates) collection by individual
  • Check validation service
  • Cloth: cutting to length, bolting, or winding for textile distributors
  • Contractors' disbursement control
  • Convention bureaus
  • Convention decorators
  • Copyright protection service
  • Correct time service
  • Cosmetic kits, assembling and packaging
  • Cotton inspection service, not connected with transportation
  • Cotton sampler service
  • Coupon redemption service, except trading stamps
  • Credit card service (collection by individual firms)
  • Decoration service for special events
  • Demonstration service, separate from sale
  • Directories, telephone: distribution on a contract or fee basis
  • Divers, commercial
  • Drafting service, except temporary help
  • Drawback service, customs
  • Drive-a-way automobile service
  • Embroidering of advertising on shirts, etc.
  • Engrossing, e.g., diplomas and resolutions
  • Exhibits, building of: by industrial contractors
  • Field warehousing, not public warehousing
  • Filling pressure containers (aerosol) with hair spray, insecticides, etc.
  • Fire extinguishers, service of
  • Firefighting service, other than forestry or public
  • Flagging service (traffic control)
  • Floats, decoration of
  • Florists' telegraph service
  • Folding and refolding service: textile and apparel
  • Fundraising on a contract or fee basis
  • Gas systems, contract conversion from manufactured to natural gas
  • Handtool designers
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Hosiery pairing on a contract or fee basis
  • Hotel reservation service
  • Identification engraving service
  • Inspection of commodities, not connected with transportation
  • Interior decorating consulting service, except painters and paper
  • Interior designing service, except painters and paper hangers
  • Inventory computing service
  • Labeling bottles, cans, cartons, etc. for the trade: not printing
  • Laminating of photographs (coating photographs with plastics)
  • Lecture bureaus
  • Lettering service
  • Liquidators of merchandise on a contract or fee basis
  • Mannequin decorating service
  • Map drafting service
  • Mapmaking, including aerial
  • Message service, telephone answering except beeper service
  • Metal slitting and shearing on a contract or fee basis
  • Meter readers, remote
  • Microfilm recording and developing service
  • Mounting merchandise on cards on a contract or fee basis
  • Music distribution systems, except coin-operated
  • Notaries public
  • Packaging and labeling service (not packing and crating)
  • Paralegal service
  • Parcel packing service (packaging)
  • Patent brokers
  • Patrol of electric transmission or gas lines
  • Photogrammetric mapping service (not professional engineers)
  • Photographic library service, still
  • Photography brokers
  • Pipeline and power line inspection services
  • Playwrights' brokers
  • Post office contract stations
  • Presorting mail service
  • Press clipping service
  • Printed circuitry graphic layout
  • Process serving service
  • Produce weighing service, not connected with transportation
  • Product sterilization service
  • Promoters of home shows and flower shows
  • Racetrack cleaning, except buildings
  • Radio broadcasting music checkers
  • Radio transcription service
  • Recording studios on a contract or fee basis
  • Redemption of trading stamps
  • Repossession service
  • Restaurant reservation service
  • Rug binding for the trade
  • Safety inspection service, except automotive
  • Salvaging of damaged merchandise, not engaged in sales
  • Sampling of commodities, not connected with transportation
  • Scrap steel cutting on a contract or fee basis
  • Shoe designers
  • Showcard painting
  • Shrinking textiles for tailors and dressmakers
  • Sign painting and lettering shops
  • Solvents recovery service on a contract or fee basis
  • Speakers' bureaus
  • Sponging textiles for tailors and dressmakers
  • Styling of fashions, apparel, furniture, and textiles
  • Styling wigs for the trade
  • Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Switchboard operation of private branch exchanges
  • Tape slitting for the trade (cutting plastics, leather, etc. into widths)
  • Tax collection agencies: collecting for a city, county, or State
  • Tax title dealers: agencies for city, county, or State
  • Telemarketing (telephone marketing) service on a contract or fee basis
  • Telephone answering, except beeper service
  • Telephone solicitation service on a contract or fee basis
  • Textile designers
  • Textile folding and packing services
  • Time-share condominium exchanges
  • Tobacco sheeting service on a contract or fee basis
  • Tourist information bureaus
  • Trade show arrangement
  • Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
  • Trading stamp redemption
  • Translation service
  • Water softener service
  • Weighing foods and other commodities not connected with
  • Welcoming service
  • Window trimming service
  • Yacht brokers