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Escue's Wood Preserving

What Is The Description For Wood Preserving Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in treating wood, sawed or planed in other establishments, with creosote or other preservatives to prevent decay and to protect against fire and insects. This industry also includes the cutting, treating, and selling of poles, posts, and piling, but establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing other wood products, which they may also treat with preservatives, are not included.

  • Bridges and trestles, wood: treated
  • Creosoting of wood
  • Crossties, treated
  • Flooring, wood block: treated
  • Millwork, treated
  • Mine props, treated
  • Mine ties, wood: treated
  • Piles, foundation and marine construction: treated
  • Piling, wood: treated
  • Poles and pole crossarms, treated
  • Poles, cutting and preserving
  • Posts, wood: treated
  • Preserving of wood (creosoting)
  • Railroad cross bridge and switch ties treated
  • Railway crossties, wood: treated
  • Structural lumber and timber, treated
  • Vehicle lumber, treated
  • Wood fence: pickets, poling, rails-treated
  • Wood products, creosoted