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The Kentucky Business Directory connects people with local Lexington Kentucky Miscellaneous Food Stores businesses - small and large. In Lexington there are local businesses ready to meet your shopping needs - both for products and services.

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The SIC code for these Lexington local businesses is: 5499.

Lexington, Kentucky - Miscellaneous Food Stores Businesses
Active Nutrition, Limited Liability Company
Adkins Marketing Group, Incorporated
All About You Limited Liability Company
Aprovenproduct Com
Bayou Gourmet Foods, Incorporated
Bedminster Coffee Company, Incorporated
Bellefleur, Incorporated
Bledsoe Blend International Gourmet Coffee Limited Liability Company
Carbo Corporation
Cobblestone Coffee
Coffee In Motion
Cogent Solutions Group Limited Liability Company
Common Grounds Coffee House
Empire Nutrition, Limited Liability Company
European Gourmet, Limited Liability Company
Far East Health Foods, Incorporated
Fauntleroys Coffee, Limited Liability Company
General Nutrition Centers Incorporated
Glc Direct, Limited Liability Company
Gourmet Goodies Limited Liability Company
Gourmet Specialists, Incorporated
Grace Nutrition Company Incorporated
Healthy Living Limited Liability Company
Healthy Options
Herbvim Natural Products Limited Liability Company
High On Art And Coffee
Hub Coffee Holding Company Limited Liability Company
Java Jones Coffee Company Limited Liability Company
Jeremy T Ellis Professional Limited Liability Company
Jmt Coffee Enterprises, Limited Liability Company
Kentucky Equine Research
Kentucky Specialty Sauces
Magic Beans Company Ffee Company, Limited Liability Company
Monas Gourmet Foods, Incorporated
Nates Coffee Limited Liability Company
New Basics, Incorporated
Nu-You Health Foods, Incorporated
Rahul Food And Spices Limited Liability Company
Richie Coffee Company
Riddell Horse Nutrition Consul
Rite Aid Gnc Live Well Store
Southland Perk
Supplement Cave Limited Liability Company
The Coffee Stop, Incorporated
The Lexington Gourmet Food Company Incorporated
Tincan Coffee Roasters Limited Liability Company
Trusted Health Products, Incorporated
Two Wheel Coffee, Limited Liability Company
Vitamin Shoppe
Wildcat Sports General Nutrition, Limited Liability Company
Wilford Rosa

What Is The Description For Miscellaneous Food Stores Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of specialized foods, not elsewhere classified, such as eggs, poultry, health foods, spices, herbs, coffee, and tea. The poultry stores may sell live poultry, slaughter and clean poultry for their own account, and sell dressed fowls, or sell fowls cleaned and dressed by others.

  • Coffee stores-retail
  • Dietetic food stores-retail
  • Egg dealers-retail
  • Health food stores-retail
  • Poultry dealers-retail
  • Spice and herb stores-retail
  • Tea stores-retail
  • Vitamin food stores-retail
  • Water, mineral-retail