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The SIC code for these Georgetown local businesses is: 7372.

Georgetown, Kentucky - Prepackaged Software Businesses
Ber8ted.Com, Limited Liability Company
Capital Software
Central Kentucky Software Solutions, Limited Liability Company
Cypher Cove, Limited Liability Company
L A Marketing, Incorporated

What Is The Description For Prepackaged Software Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in the design, development, and production of prepackaged computer software. Important products of this industry include operating, utility, and applications programs. Establishments of this industry may also provide services such as preparation of software documentation for the user-installation of software for the user; and training the user in the use of the software. Establishments primarily engaged in providing preparation of computer software documentation and installation of software on a contract or fee basis are classified in Industry 7379, and those engaged in training users in the use of computer software are classified in Industry 8243. Establishments primarily engaged in buying and selling prepackaged computer software are classified in Trade; those providing custom computer programming services are classified in Industry 7371; and those developing custom computer integrated systems are classified in Industry 7373.

  • Applications software, computer prepackaged
  • Computer software publishers, prepackaged
  • Games, computer software: prepackaged
  • Operating systems software, computer: prepackaged
  • Software, computer: prepackaged
  • Utility software, computer: prepackaged