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Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick

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The SIC code for these Fordsville local businesses is: 3272.

Fordsville, Kentucky - Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick Businesses
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What Is The Description For Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick Businesses?

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete products, except block and brick, from a combination of cement and aggregate. Contractors engaged in concrete construction work are classified in Division C, Construction, and establishments primarily engaged in mixing and delivering ready-mixed concrete are classified in Industry 3273.

  • Areaways basement window: concrete
  • Art marble, concrete
  • Ashlar, cast stone
  • Bathtubs, concrete
  • Battery wells and boxes, concrete
  • Building materials, concrete: except block and brick
  • Building stone, artificial: concrete
  • Burial vaults, concrete and precast terrazzo
  • Cast stone, concrete
  • Catch basin covers, concrete
  • Ceiling squares, concrete
  • Chimney caps, concrete
  • Church furniture, concrete
  • Columns, concrete
  • Concrete products, precast: except block and brick
  • Concrete, dry mixture
  • Conduits, concrete
  • Copings, concrete
  • Cribbing, concrete
  • Crossing slabs, concrete
  • Culvert pipe, concrete
  • Cylinder pipe, prestressed concrete
  • Cylinder pipe, pretensioned concrete
  • Door frames, concrete
  • Drain tile, concrete
  • Fireplaces, concrete
  • Floor filler tiles, concrete
  • Floor slabs, precast concrete
  • Floor tile, precast terrazzo
  • Fountains, concrete
  • Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo
  • Garbage boxes, concrete
  • Grave markers, concrete
  • Grave vaults, concrete
  • Grease traps, concrete
  • Housing components, prefabricated: concrete
  • Incinerators, concrete
  • Irrigation pipe, concrete
  • Joists, concrete
  • Laundry trays, concrete
  • Lintels, concrete
  • Manhole covers and frames, concrete
  • Mantels, concrete
  • Mattresses for river revetment, concrete articulated
  • Meter boxes, concrete
  • Monuments, concrete
  • Panels and sections, prefabricated: concrete
  • Paving materials, prefabricated concrete, except blocks
  • Pier footings, prefabricated concrete
  • Piling, prefabricated concrete
  • Pipe, concrete
  • Pipe, lined with concrete
  • Poles, concrete
  • Posts, concrete
  • Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete
  • Prestressed concrete products
  • Roofing tile and slabs, concrete
  • Septic tanks, concrete
  • Sewer pipe, concrete
  • Shower receptors, concrete
  • Siding, precast stone
  • Sills, concrete
  • Silo staves, cast stone
  • Silos, prefabricated concrete
  • Slabs, crossing: concrete
  • Spanish floor tile, concrete
  • Squares for walls and ceilings, concrete
  • Steps, prefabricated concrete
  • Stone, cast concrete
  • Stools, precast terrazzo
  • Storage tanks, concrete
  • Tanks, concrete
  • Terrazzo products, precast
  • Thresholds, precast terrazzo
  • Ties, railroad: concrete
  • Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete
  • Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete
  • Wall base, precast terrazzo
  • Wall squares, concrete
  • Wash foundations, precast terrazzo
  • Well curbing, concrete
  • Window sills, cast stone