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Find in Crestwood, Kentucky Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified businesses. Search Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified local businesses located in Crestwood, KY to get the pet products and services you want and need.

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Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified

The Kentucky Business Directory connects people with local Crestwood Kentucky Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified businesses - small and large. In Crestwood there are local businesses ready to meet your shopping needs - both for products and services.

These Crestwood, KY Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified businesses can help you find the goods and services you are searching for.

The SIC code for these Crestwood local businesses is: 1799.

Crestwood, Kentucky - Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified Businesses
3 B And K Company
3 Rd Son Const Limited Liability Company
A And H Improvements, Limited Liability Company
A C Construction And Properties, Limited Liability Company
Andrews Construction Incorporated
At Your Home Gardener, Limited Liability Company
B Fow Construction, Incorporated
Bce Construction Limited Liability Company
Bellos Construction Service, Incorporated
Better Boundaries, Limited Liability Company
Bsl Waterproofing
Building Inovations, Incorporated
C And F Construction, Incorporated
Cardinal Homes, Incorporated
Carroll's Building And Remodeling, Incorporated
Castle Construction And Development, Incorporated
Castle Construction, Incorporated
Cb And T Construction
Chapman Quality Construction And Remodeling, Incorporated
Clg Contracting, Limited Liability Company
Coffman Enterprises, Incorporated
Colonial Construction Incorporated
Colorito Construction
Commercial Construction Solutions, Incorporated
Commonwealth Construction And Remodeling, Incorporated
Commonwealth Development Corporation
Covco Construction Company, Incorporated
Cutting Edge Construction, Limited Liability Company
D L Riggle Concrete Construction, Incorporated
D W Henry And Company, Incorporated
David William Adams And Sons Construction Company
Derby City Fence
Dooling William E Gen Contr
Douglas Perkins Construction Company, Incorporated
E And L Tools, Incorporated
Earl R. Powell Construction, Incorporated
Elite Home Theater And Tech Limited Liability Company
Elite Home Theater And Technology Limited Liability Company
Ellis And Ellis Construction, Limited Liability Company
Energy Max Construction, Limited Liability Company
Esposito Construction, Incorporated
Exterior Renovations, Incorporated
F W Lape Construction, Incorporated
Forte Residential
General Construction And Excavating Company, Incorporated
Genesis Homes, Incorporated
Gfg Construction, Limited Liability Company
Grand Homes Limited Liability Company
Greathouse Construction, Incorporated
Guest Construction, Incorporated
Harrison King Company Nstruction Company, Incorporated
Henney Homes, Limited Liability Company
Heritage Construction, Incorporated
Hill Construction Services Limited Liability Company
Hillside, Incorporated
Hilltop Homes, Limited Liability Company
Installation Services, Incorporated
Interstate Construction Company, Incorporated
J Haines Construction
J L Neal And Sons Company Nstruction Company, Incorporated
Jbp Construction, Limited Liability Company
Jdl Improvements, Limited Liability Company
Jenny Clore Homes, Limited Liability Company
Jensens Framing And Construction
Jim Durham Construction Limited Liability Company
Johnson And Johnson Construction Limited Liability Company
K And B Construction, Limited Liability Company
K And R Construction, Incorporated
Kaiser Contracting, Incorporated
Kane Renovating Company
Kaoru O'Bryan Remodeling, Incorporated
King Construction Company Incorporated
Klosterman Building Supplies
Lehmbeck-Yunker Construction, Incorporated
Lrm Contracting, Limited Liability Company
M And W Management, Incorporated
M D Custom Homes Incorporated
Mann Construction Company, Incorporated
Masterweld Incorporated
Mchenry's Exterior Renovation And Home Repair, Limited Liability Company
Mcs Construction Company, Incorporated
Meredith David Remodeling
Murray Homes, Limited Liability Company
Ohio Valley Asphalt Limited Liability Company
Palmer Bryan Construction, Limited Liability Company
Paul Rhea Construction Company
Phillip Hill Homes, Incorporated
Phoenix Construction And Re-Modeling, Limited Liability Company
Poplar Construction Company, Incorporated
Poulter Construction Company
Powell And Powell Construction, Incorporated
Professional Fence Company
Proffitt Construction, Limited Liability Company
Rebuilders Incorporated
Restoration Innovation
Rips Construction Incorporated
Rl Lanham Quality Homes
Scott George Construction, Incorporated
Seneca Homes, Incorporated
Singer Construction And Excavation, Limited Liability Company
Specilzed Rmdel Rofg Limited Lblty
Steel Structured Homes, Incorporated
Superior Homes, Incorporated
T And W Construction And Supply Company, Incorporated
T C Malone Construction, Limited Liability Company
Tc Restoration Limited Liability Company
Tdh Homes, Limited Liability Company
The Jones Group, Limited Liability Company
The Rainbow Construction Company, Incorporated
Thetford Remodelling And Construction, Limited Liability Company
Thomas And Knight Home Concepts Incorporated
Thomas Knight Hm Concepts Incorporated
Tim Menard Company Nstruction Company, Incorporated
Tonn Construction Limited Liability Company
Tradesmen Contracting, Limited Liability Company
Trapp Company Nstruction Company, Incorporated
Tri-C Construction Company, Incorporated
Trimco Construction Incorporated
Vaughn Construction Company, Limited Liability Company
Vincent Abell Contracting
Walco Custom Construction, Limited Liability Company
Waldrop Construction, Limited Liability Company
Withrow Construction, Limited Liability Company
Young Construction, Incorporated

What Is The Description For Special Trade Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified Businesses?

Special trade contractors primarily engaged in construction work, not elsewhere classified, such as construction of swimming pools and fences, erection and installation of ornamental metal work, house moving, shoring work, waterproofing, dampproofing, fireproofing, sandblasting, and steam cleaning of building exteriors.

  • Antenna installation, except household type-contractors
  • Artificial turf installation-contractors
  • Awning installation-contractors
  • Bath tub refinishing-contractors
  • Boring for building construction-contractors
  • Bowling alley installation and service-contractors
  • Cable splicing service, nonelectrical-contractors
  • Caulking (construction)-contractors
  • Cleaning building exteriors-contractors
  • Cleaning new buildings after construction-contractors
  • Coating of concrete structures with plastics-contractors
  • Core drilling for building construction-contractors
  • Counter top installation-contractors
  • Dampproofing buildings-contractors
  • Dewatering-contractors
  • Diamond drilling for building construction-contractors
  • Epoxy application-contractors
  • Erection and dismantling of forms for poured concrete-contractors
  • Fence construction-contractors
  • Fire escape installation-contractors
  • Fireproofing buildings-contractors
  • Forms for poured concrete, erection and dismantling-contractors
  • Gas leakage detection-contractors
  • Gasoline pump installation-contractors
  • Glazing of concrete surfaces-contractors
  • Grave excavation-contractors
  • House moving-contractors
  • Insulation of pipes and boilers-contractors
  • Lead burning-contractors
  • Lightning conductor erection-contractors
  • Mobile home site setup and tie down-contractors
  • Ornamental metalwork-contractors
  • Paint and wallpaper stripping-contractors
  • Plastics wall tile installation-contractors
  • Posthole digging-contractors
  • Sandblasting of building exteriors-contractors
  • Scaffolding construction-contractors
  • Service and repair of broadcasting stations-contractors
  • Service station equipment installation, maintenance, and repair-
  • Shoring and underpinning work-contractors
  • Spectator seating installation-contractors
  • Steam cleaning of building exteriors-contractors
  • Steeplejacks
  • Swimming pool construction-contractors
  • Television and radio stations, service and repair of-contractors
  • Test boring for construction-contractors
  • Tile installation, wall: plastics-contractors
  • Tinting glass-contractors
  • Wallpaper removal-contractors
  • Waterproofing-contractors
  • Weather stripping-contractors
  • Welding contractors, operating at site of construction
  • Window shade installation-contractors